With inefficiency prevailing in the power sector, from generation to distribution, bringing in changes is a big challenge Noor Mohammad Delhi

Midnight’s CHILDREN

People refuse to be taken for a ride anymore. They will no more accept half measures and betrayals Amit Sengupta Delhi

Free Market’s FREE FALL!

Although G20 leaders reached a consensus on the global stimulus package, it has received a mixed response. Many believe that it has refused to address the abject failure of neo-liberal capitalism Sophia Furber London

Who will bell the cat?

Hardnews investigations reveal that most foreign bank accounts are of Indian companies and politicians. Will Advani have the courage to do an Obama on these banks? Sanjay Kapoor Berne (Switzerland) / Delhi

ADVANI’S CLAIM: It doesn’t add up

India's corruption and crime money parked in Swiss banks and tax havens. BJP pledges to bring it back Sanjay Kapoor Berne

Funny Money, Not so funny

Swiss banks are destabilising democracies by providing safe havens to big-moneyed tax evaders in poor countries that are forced to raise taxes to fund their development Sanjay Kapoor Berne (Switzerland)

Teach politicians charity

Rupa Gulab

If only Modi would stop pretending to develop Gujarat and concentrate on developing good values instead

BHEL: Brisk business despite downturn

Despite the economic downturn, Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd (BHEL) is doing brisk business. The pace of power equipment supply inflows to the company remains unaffected. Noor Mohammad, Delhi


Lending a helping hand

Samarth Pathak Delhi

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