Elections 2014


The verdict is out. The BJP is set to govern the country for the next five years with a prime minister some of us are so frightened of that we’re toying with the idea of running away to other continents. I urge people not to leave in a hurry, though. Be patient—don’t forget BJP leader Giriraj Singh’s nasty threat of banishing critics to Pakistan. Let him pay for our one-way tickets! We’re aware that the BJP got big money from greedy corporate India for the elections, I’m sure they can part with some loose change.


The ink had hardly dried from Narendra Modi’s signature as the country’s 15th prime minister when news poured in from Europe that it had voted for the Right.

Reportedly, Marine Le Pen, leader of the far right Front National (FN), too, cried with joy after her triumph in the recent European Parliament elections that have propelled to power an angry but motley crowd of radicals, from xenophobes and racists to neo-Nazis.