Suicide Squad: Another DC movie we don’t care about

Too many villains spoil the broth in ‘Suicide Squad’ and make it inedible
Nikhil Thiyyar Delhi

Kabali: Re-inventing a legend

Although it is uneven in several parts, Kabali is probably Rajnikanth's best film in years
Hardnews Bureau Delhi

Brahman Naman: Prepubescent Tomfoolery

Brahman Naman is proof (once again) that Q the film maker cares little about meeting the audience in the middle
Dhruba Basu Delhi  

Sultan: A waste of time and money

Misbah Khan Delhi

Waiting: World on the Edge of a Blade

Two marriages. Two patients. Two spaces. Four lives in the balance
Sonali Ghosh Sen Delhi 

Udta Punjab: A Catalyst for Change?

Positioned at the intersection of various debates, Udta Punjab may be judged for the precedent it has set rather than the film it is, but that is no reason to complain
Dhruba Basu Delhi 

Has India found it’s funny?

Tanmay Delhi 

Humour is a Taboo

A country gets the comedians it deserves
Nikhil Thiyyar Delhi 

The Conjuring 2: Jump Cut Horror

James Wan conjures yet another creepy movie which compulsively plays on your nerves
Devika Sharma Delhi

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