Funny but flawed: 'Kapoor & Sons' kar gayi chull

Cast, crew and location may have come together well to deliver a fun watch, but its latent gender dynamics and frequent recourse to dull formulae hold the narrative back
Dhruba Basu Delhi 

The future unfolds on a 2,500-year-old board

The defeat of the world’s best player of Go at the hands of a machine is a seminal event for many reasons, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves
Dhruba Basu Delhi 

If this is the nature of the environmental governance, then all bets are off: Ravi Agarwal

There is a skewed understanding of nature and its destruction that is on display at World Cultural Festival
Abeer Kapoor New Delhi

Academy Awards: White is not the Warmest Colour

A spate of awards for Mad Max: Fury Road, more success for Inarritu and a win at last for DiCaprio notwithstanding, the elephant in the room was race
Dhruba Basu Delhi 

Aligarh: The Silence speaks my Name

The barometer of a good movie is that it makes us think, talk, debate about it and Aligarh ticks all 
those boxes
Sonali Ghosh Sen Kolkata

Quantico: It’s so bad that it’s good

I watch Quantico every week so you don’t have to
Sonali Ghosh Sen Kolkata


Sonali Gosh Sen Delhi

Titli: Raw, dark and indelible

In Titli, Kanu Behl adds gritty realism to the craft he learned under Dibakar Banerjee
Sonali Ghosh Sen Delhi

Talvar: A murder from many angles

Talvar is a searching, probing and profoundly disturbing film about one of the most sensational crimes of our times but is far from melodrama; it is a cold, hard look at reality
Sonali Ghosh Sen Delhi

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