The Curious Case of Radhe Maa

In India, when godmen and godwomen   are unmasked, their popularity only increases
Sandeep Kumar Delhi 

Bahubali: Fantasy on a giant scale

SS Rajamouli’s ‘Bahubali’ is a childhood comic come alive with epic characters and spectacular sequences
Sonali Ghosh Sen Delhi 

FTII Protest: Message in the Medium

Increasing politicisation of content on the big and small screens is glaring, yet precious little noise is being made about it
Abeer Kapoor Delhi 

Masaan: The Sacred, the Profane and Everything in Between

Masaan, Neeraj Ghyawan’s debut film, is an exploration of age-old contrasts and, therefore, of change
Sonali Ghosh Sen Delhi

Cinema: Taking our times to court

Shilpi Gulati Delhi

Cinema: Dissolving boundaries and coming of age

Sonali Ghosh Sen Kolkata

Cinema: A tale of two women

Sonali Ghosh Sen Kolkata

Literature: Notes on JLF 2015

Lily Tekseng Jaipur

AIB: A cold roast?

Shazia Nigar Delhi 

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