PK: Another goofy reflection of life, Hirani-style

Sonali Ghosh Sen Kolkata 

‘Our intention with Belly... was always to confront curiosities and interests we had that gave rise to certain fears’

Initially banned in the country, The Belly of the Tantra delves into the radical and extreme rituals of an ancient and eccentric sect of Hinduism along the Ganga, in Nepal, and Kamakhya in Assam. Hardnews catches up with directors Pankaj Purohit and Babita Modgil who took the challenging path to enter a hidden world with their camera 
Lily Tekseng Delhi

Hot on the trail

Watching Garm Hava unravels the freshness of Partition and its colossal implications even 40 years after its first release
Sonali Ghosh Sen Kolkata

In defence of the village

Lily Tekseng Delhi

Khoj: For art, by art

The work of art is rooted, while its industry deals in cuttings and transplants. The idea of ‘Khoj’ is to resist falling into that trap
Zachary Bushnell Delhi 

‘Speak, for thy tongue is free’

The language that ignited Ghalib’s tongue and fired Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poetry is finding new takers in the country
Shazia Nigar Delhi 

In the mood for Laughter

There has been an explosion of satirical content in the Indian pop cultural scene. Is it just click-bait or have we become mature enough to laugh at ourselves?
Lily Tekseng Delhi

‘A film is a moment in culture’

Anand Gandhi, Director of Ship of Theseus, in conversation with Hardnews
Sadiq Naqvi and Lily Tekseng Delhi  

The Colour Red

Vishal Bhardwaj’s third instalment of his Shakespeare-influenced trilogy is a stunning cinematic story but suffers from hazy political vision
Sonali Ghosh Sen Kolkata 

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