Disaster in the making

The Hirakud Dam, Asia’s longest earthen dam, has been causing man-made floods in Odisha
Ranjan K Panda Sambalpur

Futility of warning systems

India’s current flood warning systems do not provide adequate data, while mitigation advocacy relies on unproven methods
Himanshu Thakkar Delhi 

India’s massive Flood problem

Himanshu Upadhyay

The CAG’s latest performance audit of flood control schemes and flood forecasting shows how little is done to manage flood-induced disasters
Himanshu Upadhyay Bengaluru

SP to forge new caste equations in UP before 2019 LS polls

Hardnews Bureau

With the BSP’s popularity dipping in Uttar Pradesh after BJP’s thumping victory in the Assembly elections, the SP sees the gap as an opportunity to forge new caste equations and position itself


Haunted by our own apathy, are we?

Hardnews Bureau

Editorial: September 2017
Hardnews Bureau Delhi  

This putrid new India

Sanjay Kapoor

India wasn’t like this. The corrupt, the crooked and those who were impacted by investigative and adversarial journalism did not outright kill a reporter or an editor if he did not really relent.

‘I feel very much at home in India’: Melba Pria

Hardnews Bureau

On the occasion of Mexico’s 207th National Day, ambassador Melba Pria speaks to Hardnews about the significance the day holds for the country and also delves into the scope and nature of the Latin American nation’s relations with India, especially in the backdrop of the changing geopolitics in the region

Jyotiraditya challenges Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan to a debate

Hardnews Bureau

Yesterday, Congress Parliamentarian and former Union minister Jyotiraditya Scindia challenged Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan to a public debate on his governments track record


Journalists, activists demand justice for Gauri Lankesh

Hardnews Bureau

A day after the cold-blooded murder of veteran journalist Gauri Lankesh by three unidentified assailants at the entrance of her home in Bengaluru on September 5, journalists, authors and activists

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