Two divorces & much laughter

I’m hugely glad that TMC chief Mamata Banerjee has parted ways with UPA 2 — though I must confess that I secretly believe they are the ones who eased her out of the alliance in their smooth ‘Ve haf our vays’ style! Theirs was a marriage made in hell, with Mamata Banerjee imperiously behaving as though she were prime minister of India instead of chief minister of West Bengal. I resent her for trying to foist her populist policies on the nation at large — hey, the rest of us didn’t vote for her, why should we be punished cruelly?

The Heist

With unethical practices ruling the Indian market, many dubious companies are selling the country down the drain, borrowing huge loans from public sector banks and buying assets abroad, and refusing to pay back their gigantic debts, even while the Indian State pampers them in the midst of scandals and scams
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