When Rahul came knocking

For dalits of Semra village, Rahul Gandhi’s visit was like manna from heaven. It forced government officials to fast track development work Pradeep Kapoor Semra (UP)

Bloodline Triumphs

Sandip Ray is aware that any film he makes almost inevitably invites comparisons with his father, Satyajit Ray’s work. But he does not feel intimidated. This fourth-generation Ray has just finished his ninth film, a Psychological thriller, slated for release in November Arup K De Kolkata

Magic of millets

The marginalised women of Medak district have shown the way to other farmers, scientists and policy makers to regenerate sustainable and citizen controlled food systems Akash Bisht Medak (Andhra Pradesh)

Justice must begin at Home

Unconstitutional accretion of power to itself appears to be the root cause of the judiciary’s problems
Abani Kumar Sahu Delhi

Hitting an air pocket

The Indian Air Force must wait for about a decade before it’s ready to place orders. By then, the fifth generation fighters would be entering the air forces of the world Mohan Guruswamy Delhi

Batting for business

The IPL 2 gave confidence to the South African Indian community that remained ambivalent about the country of origin of their forefathers Sanjay Kapoor Durban

Blood ’n gore in times of peace

During the apartheid regime, Indians were clubbed with blacks. After the end of the hateful regime, the blacks continue to view them suspiciously Sanjay Kapoor Durban

Whose WAR?

The Maoist problem needs to be handled with a combination of armed operation followed immediately by large scale development work in the ravaged areas. Corruption needs to be weeded out with an iron hand Rakhi Chakrabarty Delhi

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