Bollywood: Mix of cynicism & sincerity

Dr Rachel Dwyer grew up on the films of Satyajit Ray but today she cannot have enough of Bollywood. The professor of Indian studies and cinema at the London School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) is already the author of nearly a dozen books on Indian cinema and has written the biography of Yash Chopra. Mehru Jaffer

Jinnah re-visited, thank you Jaswant Singh

The issues Jinnah outlined still haunt India and Pakistan today Beena Sarwar Karachi

It’s raining DIRTY Money here…

Even while people in Marathwada and Vidarbha crave for rains and relief, politicians not only hate rains, they are declaring normal rainfall zones as drought-hit. Clearly, financial bounties of drought relief are too high Aritra Bhattacharya Aurangabad (Maharashtra)

Maya JUST doesn’t care

The Mayawati regime approved of Rs 556 crore for construction of parks and statues, but allocated only Rs 250 crore for drought relief. Even that money is not reaching as helpless people starve in drought-hit UP Pradeep Kapoor Lucknow

Everyone loves a Good DROUGHT

Both home and world prices greeted the news of drought by moving up. Will the government rein in the profiteering market forces and ‘relief bureaucracy’ that loves every drought as a boon? Kamal Nayan Kabra Delhi

Yet to learn drought lessons

Food prices are rising not due to a delayed monsoon. It is because of massive hoarding, black market and speculation. Yet, the government takes refuge behind the excuse: markets driven by sentiments Devinder Sharma Delhi

Genocide, as usual

Hashimpura massacre, Malegaon blasts, Gujarat 2002: Will those involved in communal carnages ever face punishment in India?

Don’t fake it

So why call the encounter real when it’s strikingly fake?

Dark is POWER

The Union power ministry has failed to achieve its power generation capacity targets over successive Five Year plans

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