Yes, let’s talk Balochistan!

Now that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s infinite wisdom has put Balochistan on the agenda, let’s talk self-determination Mohan Guruswamy Delhi

Zero Option: Eternal WAR, Eternal PEACE

Presence of nuclear weapon in the hands of Islamabad would restrain US and India from looking at options of splitting a country that is rapidly fraying at the margin. Sanjay Kapoor Sharm-El-Sheikh (Egypt)/Delhi

Neighbours in peace: Or pieces?

Beena Sarwar

If we listen to this babble of voices whose sole aim seems to be to present their own country’s case as better than the other’s, we’ll never get anywhere. There is an old saying in our part of the world, ‘Taali dono haatho se bajti hai’ — it takes two hands to clap

Akbar’s Hamzanama

Mehru Jaffer

It has the long title of ‘Global: Lab. Art as a Message. Asia and Europe -- 1500-1700’. However, the thematic connotation of this delightful exhibition is even more enduring. This experimental global laboratory is a treasure house of thrilling records of what happens when opposing cultures collide and cooperate with each other.

Your House, My House: Batla House

Amit Sengupta

The centre of the vicious circle?

A hero, a villain and a heroine

Rupa Gulab

There’s something about Rahul Gandhi. I don’t raise my eyebrows a teeny bit when I overhear pretty young things giggling and gushing over him.

In the NAM of multilateralism, stop!

Sanjay Kapoor

India and Pakistan just cannot get enough of each other. At every opportunity they get anywhere in the world, they display a dangerous obsession where either they are making up or breaking up.

Playing it BACKWARD

All major political parties are involved in an intense fight to consolidate their support base among backward classes in UP Pradeep Kapoor Lucknow

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