The Congress is confident of breaking new ground, but going it alone might be a risky venture on the ground Akash Bisht Delhi

Bark, sky, earth

A Tribute to Smitu Kothari Amit Sengupta Delhi

Cuban Revolution, today and tomorrow

The revolution is still unfolding, despite the US blockade and relentless hounding of this small island nation. The Cuban ambassador’s critical response to Janette Habel’s article in Hardnews

Poverty hidden in numbers

There are serious lacunae in the process of estimating poverty Sachin Kumar Jain Bhopal

Savages OF Modernity

In a horrifying case of relentless rape and brutality, a perverse father and mother devastate their young daughters, along with a maniacal tantrik Gajanan Khergamker Mumbai

Who will hang the pig head?

Sanjay Kapoor

Informed sources claim that he was forced to his death as he refused to submit to the unrelenting demands of some corporate houses for favours that they did not merit.

On a high

Upbeat after the BJP-BJD split, Naveen Patnaik is haunted by the ghosts of Kandhamal
Amit Sengupta Bhubaneswar

Alchemy of development

The chemical hub at the young island of Nayachar, close to the delicate eco zone of Bay of Bengal and Sunderbans, might spell a disaster

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