Indo-Nepal: How to lose friends and influence

Hubris and lack of foresight are to blame for the estranged relationship between India and Nepal
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi 

What will it take to transform Uttar Pradesh?

Hardnews Bureau Lucknow


'What have we done about our secularism?'

Former Home Secretary Madhav Godbole’s new book, Secularism: India at a Crossroads, launched at the Uprashtrapati Bhavan with expressions of unease at religious trends in the country
Dhruba Basu Delhi 

Rojava revolution: How Deep is the Change?

Is optimism in the future of revolutionary change misplaced in a region torn apart by war and a society where patriarchy has been so entrenched?  Part 6 


Rojava revolution: On the Hoof

Rojava is a fast moving, dynamic place where things change by the minute. What are the material conditions which support this woman-centred revolution ? Part 5 of 50.50's series. Witnessing the revolution in Rojava, northern Syria.


Rojava revolution: Reshaping Masculinity

Rojava's battle with ISIS stronghold  Raqqa is not simply a military one, but an ideological one in which the position of women could not be more polarised. Part 4.


Friends to foes: How Gaurakshaks are switching sides

Following the public rebuke from the Prime Minister, gaurakshaks have started distancing themselves from the BJP. They now stand in opposition to the leader they once hailed 
Shibu Kumar Tripathi Delhi

Bihar: Administration and Police at loggerheads

With suspension of 11 SHOs in Bihar, the government is facing another controversy in its quest for implementing prohibition
Shibu Kumar Tripathi Delhi

Red flag on Religious Freedom

Hardnews Bureau Delhi 

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