The Big money game

Sanjay Kapoor Delhi

Will it be 1-3 against South Africa in the World Cup?

Sandeep Kumar Delhi 

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: A curtain raiser

Weather can play a spoilsport to the mega event, as rain is expected at both the venues
Sandeep Kumar Delhi

Indian team’s cup of woes spilleth over!

Sandeep Kumar  Delhi 

India bounced out!

Sandeep Kumar Delhi 

An Oasis of Serenity

India’s favourite cricket stadium evokes the grandest sentiments from players and spectators, but the lore of Eden Gardens goes back to the times of the English settlers
Partha Mukherjee Kolkata

A Really Bad Hangover

The humiliating 7-1 loss to Germany had, so to speak, snapped Brazil back to reality. An intimate account of a party that was rudely disrupted
Uday Jhabvala Khare Sao Paulo 

Football Fever Grips the World

The most controversial World Cup in football’s modern history began amidst a bevy of protests from the host country’s deprived masses
Sandeep Kumar Delhi

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