Euro 2012 reaches final day of the first preliminary round

Czech Republic, Greece, Germany, Portugal, Spain and Italy wait for the final two teams to make into the Euro Cup Quarterfinals
Sandeep Kumar Delhi


IPL 5: Make the Match

When the business of entertainment meets the game of cricket, fixing matches becomes temptingly easier and super-lucrative
Sandeep Kumar Delhi

Glitz and Gutter: Sphere of Influence

How the mind and intestines of cricket were changed in India
Sandeep Kumar Delhi


This bouncer by Shoaib Akhtar has flown beyond the ropes. His gimmicks gone for a toss, his controversial book has bombed in India. Here’s a take on the slippery story of autobiographies
Sandeep Kumar Delhi


Driven by insatiable greed, BCCI and Indian cricket deserve every humiliating drubbing they got in England
Sandeep Kumar Delhi

Ground beneath her feet

With an outburst of classical and contemporary talent, International women’s tennis is becoming a realm of magical impossibilities
Sandeep Kumar Delhi

Hand of God

With Messi becoming the all time leading scorer at Barcelona, Hardnews raises the debate of who is a greater player: Maradona or Messi?
Sandeep Kumar Delhi


The shooting yorkers will continue to haunt the best in the business
Sandeep Kumar Delhi

This Fake just can’t Fake it

Amit Sengupta

One reader says that KKR can only make it if Karan Johar is made the coach. What say you? Main Hoon Na?

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