Why Uber Got Banned from London

Abeer Kapoor

As Uber loses a feather in its hat, a look at the cab-hailing company’s murky past and the software it used to circumvent law, sullying its own reputation in the process

Abeer Kapoor

What is ailing India’s gilded IT sector?

Shalini Sharma

The IT BPES industry in India is haunted by the spectre of mass automation and layoffs. How are the employees coping? Not too well, as Hardnews finds out
Shalini Sharma Delhi 

How can India create Employment in the digital age?

The global window for export- and manufacturing- led development is closing
Marc Saxer Delhi

The Hype about Hyperloop

Hardnews Bureau

As the much-touted transportation technology comes to the shores of India, there are plenty of questions which remain unanswered
Hardnews Bureau Delhi

Mars first, TRAPPIST-1 second

Hardnews Bureau

The discovery of a habitable planet system 40 light years away is an exciting discovery but we need to figure out how to get to Mars first
Hardnews Bureau Delhi

Why are the Ola and Uber drivers on a strike?

Abeer Kapoor

The confrontation between the striking drivers and the tech-based startups - Ola and Uber - is not as straightforward as it seems. Propelled forward as it is by demonetisation and a demand for rights
Shalini Sharma and Abeer Kapoor Delhi

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