Time to Break the Collective Silence

The liberal section of the Muslim community is at the risk of being overshadowed by fundamentalists because of their silence on key issues
Parvin Sultana

Weaning Saudi Arabia off oil

Prince Mohammad bin Salman's Vision 2030 document outlines a number of significant reforms that seek to change not only the Saudi economy, but state-society relations more broadly, in a way that hasn't been done since the Kingdom’s founding
Shrinivas S Sohoni Delhi

The Invisible Hand

Sanjay Kapoor

In 2009, I travelled to Geneva, Switzerland, to follow up on the mysterious case of the Pune-based stud farm owner, Hasan Ali Khan.

Rojava: A revolution for our times

Travelling in Rojava is to witness a revolution experimenting with a form of stateless, direct democracy with women’s liberation, race and class equality at the heart of it
Rahila Gupta

The GCC in the Era of Cheap Oil

Melissa Cyril

Za'atari: A camp without a Post office

Hardnews enters the second biggest refugee camp in the world where 80,000 Syrians are hopeful of a better future despite the trauma of the past 
Sanjay Kapoor Za’atari (Jordan)  

Why Sanders supports the 'Palestinian Question'?

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has raised many eyebrows with his radical stance on Palestine
Shubda Chaudhary Delhi

VIEWPOINT: No Holy Cows?

Why are the nation’s conscience-keepers silent on the Panama Papers?
Faraz Ahmad Delhi

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