Army of the ‘Pure’

Pakistan’s minorities in the armed forces do not constitute even a fraction of their population in the country – by choice and official diktat
Noorilhuda Karachi


Kingdom of Fear

Where do we, who dream of a progressive and enlightened Pakistan, belong in this landscape that is increasingly dominated by rightist Islamists, who have embraced militancy and sectarianism?
Ghazi Salahuddin Karachi


Newsline Editor’s Note: November 2012

While Malala is making a slow yet steady recovery, Pakistan continues to be tormented by her tormentors
Rehana Hakim Karachi


No Time for Change

People have settled into a recession that is more like a valley; you know you have to get out of it but there is no other way than to climb the hill, led by Obama who only offers firm determination to stay with his agenda, as opposed to Romney’s 5-point genie pill
Nishi Malhotra Washington DC 


The Wind that Howled

Was Alexei there? He was seen, he was with the Iron Guard. But there were no witnesses left among the Jews. So who can tell?
Poornima Joshi Delhi 

The Making of a Sadhvi

Indeed, the ritual value of sadhvis is considerable. They give sermons, conduct prayers and take general charge of the spiritual needs of the laity
Namrata R Ganneri Mumbai 

‘Best is yet to come’, says Obama in victory speech

Transcript of Obama’s victory Speech


Misguided hypocrisy from Singapore’s intellectual provocateur

My, my, when those dumb Australians decline to pay attention to a noted Singaporean intellectual, what is the world coming to?
Roger Mitton


Hobsbawm’s Viennese heart

Mehru Jaffer

Eric Hobsbawm, who died recently at the age of 95, was admired for speaking against social banditry.

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