Apartheid: Colour of class & colour of skin

In South Africa, apartheid still exists. And workers suffer the most, exploited in sub-human conditions by white multinationals 
Ajay Kumar Johannesburg  (South Africa) 

The week the world stood still

The cuban missile crisis and ownership of the world
Noam Chomsky 


Interview: Pervez Musharraf, Founder, All Pakistan Muslim League

“The army has lost some of its standing, but the common man still has respect for it”
Newsline Karachi


Philippines is no basket case

Perhaps most important for the average citizen, inflation is only 3.2  per cent and holding steady – in marked contrast to the relentlessly  soaring prices in Vietnam which have impoverished many people 
Roger Mitton


The Karachi Factory Fire

The tragic fire in the Ali Enterprises factory was not only devastating in itself, but also exposed a vastly flawed system that reeks of corruption, inefficiency and negligence
Nudrat Kamal Newsline


Indo-China: Himalayan Crossroad

So what were the real causes of the 1962 India-China war? 
Zorawar Daulet Singh Delhi 

Will India and China fight a war again?

There is an equilibrium in Sino-Indian affairs that makes recourse to force extremely improbable. Both now read their semaphores well and know how much of the sword must be unsheathed to send a message 
Mohan Guruswamy Delhi 

Bon appetit!

Mehru Jaffer

Irene and myself became friends because of our mutual love for food. Founder of BookaCook, Irene is quite a celebrity in Vienna.

Exclusive: Tariq Ramadan

‘Muslims should not react in an emotional way. They, in a peaceful, calm and non-violent way, should show that they don’t care about hatred…’
Sadiq Naqvi Delhi

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