The culturing of cuisine

“Your staple diet must be idlis and dosas?” was the rhetorical question from a cheery young waiter at Lahore’s Pearl Intercontinental when he learned I was from India. My prompt protest that, being from Delhi, I ate food similar to what was being served in the expansive breakfast buffet failed to convince him. “This is what we have been told. Try our nihari and halim. I am sure you would not get it in India, which I hear is vegetarian,” he went on.

Kingdom of Fear

Where do we, who dream of a progressive and enlightened Pakistan, belong in this landscape that is increasingly dominated by rightist Islamists, who have embraced militancy and sectarianism?
Ghazi Salahuddin Karachi

No Time for Change

People have settled into a recession that is more like a valley; you know you have to get out of it but there is no other way than to climb the hill, led by Obama who only offers firm determination to stay with his agenda, as opposed to Romney’s 5-point genie pill
Nishi Malhotra Washington DC