Quintessentially London

It needed fiction writer and a purveyor of phantasmagoria to reiterate to a world audience why Great Britain ran such a vast empire. So it was in the fitness of things that the organisers of the London Olympics deployed the creative skills of Oscar winning director, Danny Boyle, to cheerfully and unapologetically locate Imperial Great Britain as an Isle that changed the world. His interpretation of the industrial revolution had shades of both Charles Dickens and Adam Smith, which meant toiling working classes juxtaposed with adventurous mercantilists. 


Surely, if Cain could kill Able justifiably, what is Teheran  to a Cain multiplied a trillion times since god destroyed  Babel?
Badri Raina Delhi

Mind it

LONDON, AUG 2- Claudio Capelli of Switzerland competes in the vault during the men's individual all-around gymnastics final in the North Greenwich Arena during the London 2012 Olympic Games August

Meeting of Traditional Cultures of Chapada dos Veadeiros

SAO JORGE:- An indigenous child swims in the Sao Miguel River during the "Meeting of Traditional Cultures of Chapada dos Veadeiros" in a multiethnic village in Goias July 25, 2012. The annual event, currently in its 12th edition, celebrates Brazilian popular culture and the intersection between the various manifestations of traditional culture around the Midwest and across the country. It lasts from July 20-28.