XICO, JULY 23:- A man is gored by a bull during a traditional festival known as "Xiquenada" at the Hidalgo street in Xico, state de Veracruz, July 22, 2012. The bulls are let loose as part of celebrations to honour Santa Maria Magdalena. Six people were wounded in the celebrations, according to local media.

Speed of Light

DONELLSON:-Lighting strikes over a barn surrounded by a soybean crop in Donnellson, Iowa, July 13, 2012. U.S. ranchers are rushing to sell off some of their cattle as the worst drought in nearly 25 years dries up pastures, thins hay supplies and sends feed costs sky-rocketing. The drought in the Midwest follows another one last year in the southern Plains.

Money mirage

The Dubai bust should hold a lesson for all our leaders. Money doesn’t grow in deserts. You can only build an economy the old fashioned way. That is, by saving and investing in industrialisation Mohan Guruswamy Dubai