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Nehru: Maker of Modern India

Our first PM’s vision for India remains significant in neo-communalist times
Harish Khare Delhi 


Trilokpuri returns as the arena of hate and bloodshed, 30 years after the 1984 riots engulfed Delhi from here
Amit Sengupta Delhi

The Techie Terrorist

Exclusive excerpts from the book, Kafkaland: Prejudice, Law and Counterterrorism in India by Manisha Sethi

Surinder Koli’s hanging will imply a Judicial Acceptance of Torture Confessions: JTSA

We are astound to learn that the Supreme Court has rejected the review petition of Surinder Koli today, finding no error that could have persuaded them to review the earlier order of the court.


When all the boards did shrink

Floods in Kashmir could have been managed better if there was a reliable early warning system
Himanshu Upadhya Bengaluru

The truth is in the tea

Analysts are pressed to divine meaning in the synchrony of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to India with troop manoeuvres on the border 
Mohan Guruswamy Delhi 

Going Beyond Whispers

Menstrual taboos have thwarted any healthy discussions around producing and disposing of sanitary napkins in an ecologically sound way
Lily Tekseng Delhi 

The Invisible Green Workers

Why do waste-pickers continue to be a neglected lot, in spite of their vital contribution to keeping a city clean? 
PinkyChandran, KabirArora and Nalini Shekhar Bengaluru 

Beginning from Home

A decentralised system of segregating and disposing waste will go a long way in cleaning up our landfills
Pinky Chandran and Sandya Narayanan Bengaluru 

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