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Patrick Bryson has a long and intimate relationship with India. His stories unfurl in unexpected landscapes and unexplored issues of Indian society
Lily Tekseng Delhi 

‘My novel is an imagined convergence of all the half mothers in the world’

Shahnaz Bashir’s The Half Mother adds a nuanced layer to the local narrative, caught in the uncertainty of life and death
Souzeina S Mushtaq Srinagar

It need not be Japan or China for India

For two countries that so distrust each other, they sure do a lot of business together
Mohan Guruswamy Delhi

Whose Iron Ore is it anyway?

The irony is that it is this low cost of iron ore extracted from their Adivasi homeland mines that enables steelmakers not only to be among the most profitable companies in India, but also gives it the financial muscle to make huge overseas acquisitions
Mohan Guruswamy Delhi

‘Manmohan Singh did his best to keep Rahul Gandhi out’

In 2009, the Americans openly said they wanted Montek Singh Ahluwalia as finance minister instead of Pranab Mukherjee
Sadiq Naqvi Delhi

‘The CBI would have information on corruption in the ministry,and likewise the ministry on the CBI. It’s a classic case for mutual blackmail’

Noted Supreme Court lawyer and Aam Aadmi Party council member Prashant Bhushan remains sceptical of the CBI’s independent functioning under the new government. Excerpts from the interview
Sadiq Naqvi New Delhi 

The Sublime Object of Racism

The very reluctance to frame the attacks on people from the Northeast in racist terms is a symptom of the culpability of those who indulge in garden-variety racism themselves
Lily Tekseng Delhi 


Rupa Gulab

Hello, there’s a statue in our budget!


Sanjay Kapoor

On July 17, a scheduled Malaysian Airlines aircraft, MH 17, that took off from Amsterdam’s Schipol airport, was shot down over war-torn Ukraine.

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