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One hand gives, the other takes

Sanjay Kapoor

The cheerful countenance of the world’s biggest philanthropist and founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, creates an impression that his philanthropic enterprise in the area of agriculture and health ha

‘Muslims are the root of problems’

Mehru Jaffer

Wherever I go in the world, it is often hinted that Muslims are the cause of all problems faced in contemporary times!

Books that must be written

Rupa Gulab

I ’m tired of politics so I’ve decided to write about books instead. Not books that have already been written, but books that really should be written.

Jaipur Literature Festival: An Illustrative experience

Abeer Kapoor Jaipur 

Economy: Banking on the Budget

The public sector banks urgently need measures to tackle the bad loan crisis and all eyes are on Jaitley
Sindhu Bhattacharya Delhi 

Economy: Batting on a Doctored wicket?

The government needs to summon the political will to step up capital expenditure by trimming subsidies, instituting more efficient, intelligent and diligent taxation and attracting more FDI
Mohan Guruswamy Delhi 

Economy: Welfare, the poor and where is the money going?

It’s time again for the Budget session and the government needs to put across a vision for India that matches the expectations it has raised
MR Sivaraman Chennai 

Prof Laleh Khalili on Iran, ISIS, and the future of the Middle East

Prof Laleh Khalili speaks to Hardnews, on the violent protests against Saudi Arabia in Iran, the rising scourge of sectarianism, the rise of the Islamic State and the future of the Middle East. Excerpts
Sadiq Naqvi Jaipur

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