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No rain, and the embers of hate glow

Editorial: November 2015
Hardnews Bureau Delhi 

Sehwag misses saying goodbye

The selectors messed it up: the Delhi cricketer should have been told he was being omitted so that he could have played a farewell match in his home town
Sandeep Kumar Delhi 

Horror, misery, injustice: How India treats Dalits

Every 18 minutes, a Dalit is brutalised in India. Yet, across political parties and civil society, their pleadings for justice have brought no succour 
Ashok Das Delhi

Intolerance Graph

India is being brutalised by intolerance and the State is dismissive of it
Ratna Raman Delhi 

Corruption: Azad pegs away at DDCA mess

The Kejriwal government’s probe into long-alleged financial irregularities in the DDCA could finally clean up the organisation’s Augean stables
Akshay Sharma Delhi 

Climate of Intolerance: Down the well of religious bigotry

India is showing a worrying trend to take the same path of religious exclusivism as Pakistan did – and suffered the consequences
Raza Rumi Ithaca

Hope Springs Eternal

Rupa Gulab

For a long, long time, I’ve had nothing positive to say about my country. I’ve watched bigotry and hatred spread across its length and breadth with growing horror.

Dara, unlikely crown prince

Mehru Jaffer

It is impossible to be in Srinagar and not meditate upon the memory of Dara Shikoh. Born in Ajmer, Dara had travelled throughout South Asia as crown prince of the Mughal empire.

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