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Superstition rules the roost

Editorial: July 2016
Hardnews Bureau Delhi 

Kabali: Re-inventing a legend

Although it is uneven in several parts, Kabali is probably Rajnikanth's best film in years
Hardnews Bureau Delhi

BGRPD: Bhartiya Gau Rakshak Police Department

As vigilante behaviour over the bovine species increases in India, law enforcement officials sit back and do nothing
Abeer Kapoor Delhi

Tango and a Bloodbath: US-Russia attempts to recover from the deadlock

Participation in the Rio Olympics could be behind the recent US-Russia diplomatic engagement
Shubhda Chaudhary Delhi

Brahman Naman: Prepubescent Tomfoolery

Brahman Naman is proof (once again) that Q the film maker cares little about meeting the audience in the middle
Dhruba Basu Delhi  

South China Sea: Backyard Bully

China escalates maritime tensions once again in the South China Sea
Melissa Cyrill Delhi

Black Magic: An Old World, in a New World

Superstition is central to the Indian imagination and any concerted opposition to it pales in comparison to the sway it holds over the populace
Abeer Kapoor Delhi

Iran’s Nuclear Anniversary

Shubhda Choudhary Delhi

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