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Right Livelihood Award Laureates condemn incitement to murder Swami Agnivesh

Hardnews Bureau Delhi 


For the Record: Delhi Police Encounters

From the CP encounter in 1997 to the recent encounter of Manoj Vashisht, Jamia Teachers’ Solidarity Association sees a pattern to these killings carried out by the Delhi Police

The Shadows over Afghanistan and the Region Turn Darker

By making Afghanistan’s National Security Directorate (NDS) sign a MoU for intelligence cooperation and coordination with Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Afghan President Abdul Ghani has done great disservice to the proud people of the country 
Shrinivasrao S. Sohoni Dili

Farewell, Gabo!

Ratna Raman Delhi 


Delhi Rambles

With an unerring eye for the strange and the unusual, Smith unearths some interesting stories and characters who stay with you long after you close the book
Vijay Narain Shankar Delhi 

Bond Revisited

Ruskin Bond’s short stories drip with warmth, gentleness and silently say that life is beautiful
Sebati Iyengar Mumbai 

Exercising the Iran option

India has signed an MoU with Iran to develop the latter’s Chabahar port that will provide an option to rebuild trade ties with Afghanistan and Central Asia
Hardnews Bureau Delhi 

Memories of another day

Mehru Jaffer

Recently Gholamreza Ansari, Iran’s ambassador to India, talked to guests of Delhi’s Centre for Policy Analysis (CPA) on going nuclear, sanctions and injustices imposed by the Unite

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