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Rojava: A revolution for our times

Travelling in Rojava is to witness a revolution experimenting with a form of stateless, direct democracy with women’s liberation, race and class equality at the heart of it
Rahila Gupta

Democracy is in Danger When Leaders Become a Cult

The phenomenon of personality cults is a potential threat to democracy
Mukesh Rawat Delhi


JNU Row: Kanhaiya, Umar, Anirban & Co are not backing down

The JNU administration’s vengeful slew of punishments are no more acceptable to the students than the enquiry committee that recommended them was and students and teachers alike are drawing attention to the collusion between the Centre and the administration to derail larger questions
Dhruba Basu Delhi 

Time for BHEL to pull up its socks

Hardnews Bureau Delhi

Ban on Booze: Short cut, fig leaf, knee jerk

Nitish Kumar’s anti-alcohol package may be a classic socially-themed blockbuster in the recognisable traditions of the Indian nation-state, but it is scarily disdainful of history and ground realities
Dhruba Basu Delhi


Editorial Hardnews Delhi

The GCC in the Era of Cheap Oil

Melissa Cyril

How Doon was my Valley

The move to make the quaint old green town of Dehradun a smart city can ravage its sensitive ecology
Rakesh Agrawal Dehradun

Kerala: No Politics, Please

Curiously, the polls in ‘politicised Kerala’ have become apolitical this time
Hardnews Bureau Thiruvananthapuram 

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