‘I feel very much at home in India’: Melba Pria

Hardnews Bureau

On the occasion of Mexico’s 207th National Day, ambassador Melba Pria speaks to Hardnews about the significance the day holds for the country and also delves into the scope and nature of the Latin American nation’s relations with India, especially in the backdrop of the changing geopolitics in the region

'ISIS is really, a huge concern for China' –Andrew Small

In an interview with Hardnews, Small talks about the unrest in the middle–east and especially Syria, what it means for China and how it would determine international economic and diplomatic policies
Sadiq Naqvi Delhi

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor will change the region: Andrew Small

In an interview with Hardnews, Small explains Beijing's changing relationship with Islamabad
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi 

Pakistan:China’s $46 billion gamble

Sanjay Kapoor Delhi 

Pick up the lost thread

Instead of clichéd nationalism and official discourse, the people of Nepal and India can creatively redefine their relations Anil Bhattarai Kathmandu/Toronto

Hardnews Exclusive: The Rise & Rise of CHINA

What implications can China’s military modernisation and strategic manoeuvers have on South Asia and the world? Jayadeva Ranade Delhi

Labouring unity

A new national trade union federation believing in one union at the workplace, one federation in one industry and one national trade union organisation
By Bela Malik Delhi


हांग कांग में जमीन बचाने की कवायद

विश्व व्यापार संगठन में कुछ देशों के प्रभावशाली रवैये के कारण सरकार पर रक्षात्मक दृष्टिकोण अपनाने के लिए भारी दबाव हैं जहां यह अधिक आक्रामक होकर ही अपना बचाव कर सकती है

एन चंद्र मोहन, दिल्ली

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