In the Congress’ drubbing, there seems to be not even a silver lining, proving to most that the party deserved the defeat for its hubris
Hardnews Bureau Delhi 


After the soaring mandate, and expectations from Modi to hit the ground running, the government’s responsibility to usher in a new dispensation of reforms and governance has never been greater
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi 


Tricked by the Congress and accused of betrayal by the BJP, Nitish Kumar is struggling to find new political idioms and new allies
Farzand Ahmed Patna 

Season of scams

Chowdhury hints why this scam was allowed to perpetuate even when its nature and modus operandi were known at the top. Interestingly, he says that the rupee-rouble trade agreement was, at every stage, negotiated by Manmohan Singh in different capacities
Sanjay Kapoor  Delhi


Genocide, as usual

Hashimpura massacre, Malegaon blasts, Gujarat 2002: Will those involved in communal carnages ever face punishment in India?

Dark is POWER

The Union power ministry has failed to achieve its power generation capacity targets over successive Five Year plans

It’s the sea route, stupid!

What happens if another ten come from the same sea route and create mayhem, even while we protect the Taj as if nothing else matters?

The Reality Show called Kargil

Where media and politicos go berserk with frenzy annually celebrating the Kargil victory, why does this nation treat its war heroes with such organised disdain?

Maya’s Maya on the wane

Not only is she losing her party’s support base, the Brahmins and Dalits too are leaving Mayawati Pradeep Kapoor Lucknow

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