Arundhati ‘Pakistani’ and Ram Sene ‘Patriotic’

Beena Sarwar

This is the nature of the media beast. Who is going to tame it?

Backwards, forward, twisted around

The Taliban's continuous reneging from agreements made with the government may yet turn the tide against them and enable the military to move decisively against them, which it has so far been unable or unwilling to do. Beena Sarwar Karachi

Shared Destiny

Indian policy towards Pakistan is like the Mughal emperor who just didn’t want to know what’s going to hit him Jawed Naqvi Delhi

Sinister Design

Rumours about Taliban coming to India may not be all that innocuous. It could be part of a design by Pakistan-based outfits like Lashkar-e-Taiba to trigger fear psychosis in India Rakhi Chakrabarty Delhi

Taliban at the Doorstep?

Taliban capturing Swat. ‘Special Pakistani Forces’ of trained jihadis penetrating the LoC in Kashmir. America playing a double game. Is the Indian government at all serious about this apocalyptic threat? Sanjay Kapoor Hague / Delhi

Cuban Revolution, today and tomorrow

The revolution is still unfolding, despite the US blockade and relentless hounding of this small island nation. The Cuban ambassador’s critical response to Janette Habel’s article in Hardnews

Remove all terrorist Camps in Pakistan, says US senator.

Remove all terrorist Camps in Pakistan, says US senator.

Sandeep Kumar.

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