West Bengal

Congress-Trinamool pact in Bengal, finally

Both parties have reached a broad consensus to fight together against the CPM

Assembly Elections: Key lessons to be learnt

These assembly election results have shown that introspection will no longer suffice for some parties, they need to make wholesale changes
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi 

No succour for the Left in West Bengal or the Congress in Assam

The BJP has wrested Assam from the Congress and opened its account in West Bengal, where the TMC has cemented its domination
Dhruba Basu Delhi 

For the Winners, May is not a Cruel Month

Editorial Hardnews Bureau Delhi

The Left Challenge

Editorial:  May 2016
Hardnews Bureau Delhi 

West Bengal: A progressive coalition emerges

If the Left Front manages to clinch victory in West Bengal then a viable political alternative to the BJP might emerge
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi 

West Bengal: An invigorated Left seeks to make a comeback

A resurgent Left in West Bengal has managed to revive its grassroots base and regain the confidence of the voting public
Hardnews Bureau Delhi 

The Left: Rising from the Ashes

The Left is no longer left behind. A new radical rainbow coalition of Left assertion is shining like a red star in India. New barricades, alliances and scaffoldings are being enacted. The times they are changing
Amit Sengupta Delhi

West Bengal: Ma, Maati, Manush,once again?

The Left-Congress alliance in West Bengal poses a new political headache for Mamata Banerjee
Hardnews Bureau Kolkata 

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