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Death of a fisherman

Beena Sarwar

On Friday, October 11, a fisherman died out in the Arabian Sea, killed by bullets fired by maritime security personnel.

People of the Sea

Beena Sarwar

Pakistan recently arrested some Indian fisherfolk for violating the maritime boundary.

Look at life from both sides now…

Beena Sarwar

As tensions escalated over the Line of Control (LoC) in August, I landed in Delhi on the eve of the independence days of Pakistan and India, invited for the launch of two books, ‘<

A cry from Akbar’s birthplace

Beena Sarwar

Five years ago, Dr Mehdi Kazmi left his successful neuro-psych practice in New York to return to his native Karachi and set up a health insurance company for low-income bread-earners.

‘Salaam forever, Erni’

Beena Sarwar

“I lost my friend, Ernestas. All day long I tried to stay in touch with the concerned people with the hope that he’s safe, but we lost him.

R.I.P. Zahra Khala

Beena Sarwar

I remember a black and white photo from my childhood — laughing boys and girls of varying ages, perpetually frozen in mid-stride, playing musical chairs at a birthday party in our

Take it seriously. It’s complicated

Beena Sarwar

As the world felt Boston’s pain and prayed for the dead and injured, another collective prayer arose from many hearts: “Please don’t let the bombers be Muslim, don’t let this have a Pakistani connection.”
Beena Sarwar Boston 

The tragedy of Karachi

Beena Sarwar

Will it be possible to write about the tragedy of Karachi...?” asked my editor. 

Hope floats, on water

Beena Sarwar
In Lahore for an Indo-Pak conference on environment, climate change and cooperation organised by Young Global Leaders (YGL) alongwith various organisations, I was again struck by the camaraderie
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