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‘Salaam forever, Erni’

“I lost my friend, Ernestas. All day long I tried to stay in touch with the concerned people with the hope that he’s safe, but we lost him. He was a very dear friend and a die-hard lover of Pakistan. Every time we used to communicate, he tried his best to speak in Urdu. His messages, emails and phone conversations were filled with love for Pakistan and its culture. I never knew that it was going to be his last call when he called me from Islamabad.

Sorry, Erni, we couldn’t save you. As he always said, ‘Salaam, dost.’ Tonight, I say: Salaam forever, Erni. RIP.”

The tragedy of Karachi

Will it be possible to write about the tragedy of Karachi...?” asked my editor. 

Possible, yes. Easy, no. In two words: turf wars. But behind that is a long, complex history, bound up in money, crime, politics, power and greed. 

The half-a-million households dependent on daily wages in Karachi go hungry when the city shuts down during a strike or if their bread-earners don’t go to work due to violence. Staying home means hunger; going out is risky.