The mirror shows the divine image

One of the predominant peculiarities of our modern media-mediated culture has been the uncontrolled celebration of the ‘accidents of reality’ at the risk of killing the ‘inner substance’ of humanity. The ‘silent power’ of Corona has changed all that.

Mukesh: The brown blues’ singer who touched many hearts

On his 98th birth anniversary we remember a singer who left an indelible imprint on the national consciousness by his charismatic voice

Shia Crescent and the Rise of Taliban

With India clueless and dazed, its future in Afghanistan is getting grimmer with China, Pakistan, Russia and Iran on the same page, and its ally, the US, solely interested in getting out of there, at least as of now.

Why should we fight against FETO resolutely?

FETO’s threat is not just confined to Turkey, but other countries too. It’s time they launched a probe into its terror network.

A Killer Virus. Fire in Arctic, Heat Wave in Siberia, Snow in the desert!

A global virus. New strains of diseases. New ecological catastrophes. All apocalyptic weather aberrations are man-made – a deadly consequence of the unbridled greed unleashed by globalisation and consumer society.

“Clay cries out to the potter, ‘Why quash me with your feet?/A day will come when I shall trample you beneath!’ ”

Kabir’s couplets have travelled great distances from their original contexts. Over 500 odd years, several Kabirs have been grafted on to the persona of the low-caste weaver from somewhere near Benaras.

The Deadly triangle, United States and the dilemmas of a dithering India

India’s Afghan problem is bigger than what is made out to be! Not only in terms of the American squeeze on Jammu and Kashmir, or troop-deployment at the Pakistan and China border, there is a lot to watch out for as US troops prepare to leave the landlocked country

BJP implodes in Bengal, what is next?

Is it too early to say that, but just a month after its loss in the West Bengal assembly elections, BJP is showing signs of an impending implosion despite its manufactured hyperbole, money and muscle power and suggestion of invincibility.

‘Recovery from pandemic would require looking after the marginalised and those on the brink of survival”

ActionAid has shown agility to pivot itself from its existing mandate to provide relief and succour to millions of people impacted by the pandemic.

“India needs to state clearly that the reincarnation of His Holiness Dalai Lama is his prerogative alone and would be decided according to his wishes”

Amitabh Mathur is one of India’s foremost experts on Tibetan affairs. He explains in this exclusive interview what he expects from the new elected leadership of the exile community and also on how should India deal with China that wants to intervene on the issue of reincarnation of Dalai Lama

Boy-man Biggles and our childhood memories

One of the most memorable characters of English children fiction, Biggles, would have been 122 years old in May this year. Introduced by his author, Captain W E Johns, in 1932, a boy-man, Biggles was a flier, an adventurer and every thing a boy would dream of in the post World War world

Fudge, fudge, fudge

Indian government is accused of fighting the second wave by fudging the data- is it surprising?

What’s the origin of the murderous Coronavirus? Not bats surely.

Is COVID-19 made in a lab? Despite what Anthony Fauci might say, reports from all over the world suggest that it might well be

Israel: Netanyahu triggers off a war within to stay in power. Will it work?

Israeli defense forces (IDF) attacked Gaza and brought down buildings […]

Tibet’s long shadow on India China conflict

The use of Tibetan troops of the Special Frontier Force or Establishment 32 in the stand-off with China at Ladakh has propelled young Tibetans to dream of an independent homeland. Autonomy, which the Dalai Lama has been seeking, will no more work