Can India emerge unscathed after hosting G20 and SCo?

Hosting G20, and SC0 is a big challenge for India. Will US President Joe Biden participate in the summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin also around?

Fact checking or censorship?

If not withdrawn, new amendments to the Information Technology act, which are also called fake news laws could bring in new round of media censorship in the country.

When actors outsource their songs to buskers

This is an excerpt from a book authored by Ajay Mankotia titled, Bollywood Odyssey.

Why Ghalib is timeless!

A tribute to Urdu’s most popular poet, who remains an eternal contemporary, on his 154 th death anniversary.

Zia Mohyeddin: One of a kind

Zia Mohyeddin who died recently at a ripe age, was many things: an actor, a leader of Pakistan’s progressive movement and a theatrist. He would be remembered for reciting Faiz’s poems and taking his message and beliefs all over the world.

Sikkim power project dilemma: Should government pay Rs. 1000 crore compensation for nothing?

In Sikkim, three power projects were contracted to a Delhi based hydro power company. The projects were not completed, but an arbitration awarded the company Rs.1000 crore. What happened next?

Bollywood dilemma: What do you call those music composers that steal from their own ?

Film composers copying / getting ‘inspired’ by foreign songs, including Pakistani songs, is a known fact. but why should they steal from their own tunes/

Delicacies of a 56 inch democracy 

The street food at Indore’s Sarafa speaks of the mingling of communities as it dispenses warmth and radiates light; it remains a moment of hope and magic, in the dark night of democracy.


With the Indian economy in dire straits amidst high inflation and unemployment, and with the impact of the Ukraine hitting the country with tangible intensity in the days to come, will the obfuscation of data help in winning the elections?

Delhi University: Obliterate Reason, Dismember Learning

Teachers, clueless about the curriculum and forbidden from framing it, cannot morph into beacons of learning. A vicious hell has been allowed to break loose, and this is pretty much what has been happening in Delhi University in contemporary times.

Dronacharya: Sky is the Limit

A group of young school students built a drone under INR 12000, and then decided it is their responsibility to teach those from underprivileged backgrounds to make one too

Indian silence on Chinese belligerence has a meaning

India has maintained its silence during the latest face-off between US and China, but is trying to explore a peace agreement with Beijing- its raids on Chinese telecom companies notwithstanding.

Kashmir-Democracy lost to a majoritarian narrative and institutional fragility

institutional weakness displayed by Supreme Court’s reluctance to take up the matter of the revocation of Article 370 has hurt constitutional democracy in our country

A rare music composer chiselled by blows of life

Music of composer Jaidev was not for the masses.. His was of the kind that gave him acclaim, but never wealth. Winner of 3 national awards, he died in relative penury

Brasilia-A city that speaks for itself and its builders

Marcal Costa and Oscar Niemeyer, backed by Brazilian President Juscelino Kubitschek built Brasilia from scratch like India’s Chandigarh. Did the capital meet its social objectives that drove Niemeyer? History thinks otherwise.