Indian silence on Chinese belligerence has a meaning

India has maintained its silence during the latest face-off between US and China, but is trying to explore a peace agreement with Beijing- its raids on Chinese telecom companies notwithstanding.

Kashmir-Democracy lost to a majoritarian narrative and institutional fragility

institutional weakness displayed by Supreme Court’s reluctance to take up the matter of the revocation of Article 370 has hurt constitutional democracy in our country

A rare music composer chiselled by blows of life

Music of composer Jaidev was not for the masses.. His was of the kind that gave him acclaim, but never wealth. Winner of 3 national awards, he died in relative penury

Brasilia-A city that speaks for itself and its builders

Marcal Costa and Oscar Niemeyer, backed by Brazilian President Juscelino Kubitschek built Brasilia from scratch like India’s Chandigarh. Did the capital meet its social objectives that drove Niemeyer? History thinks otherwise.

Roshan-A short musical journey long remembered

Roshan died early, but his music lives on. His name has been carried forward by his son, Rakesh, and his legacy as a composer by his other son, Rajesh. His famous film star grandson, Hrithik, however lip synchs the lyrics to carry on the tradition of giving meaning to background scores of Bollywood.

Madan Mohan’s unforgettable musical journey-Marching on battle tunes to composing ghazals

Madan Mohan died early, but left an indelible impression on the discerning as well as on singers like Lata Mangeshkar who thought that no one composed ghazals better than him.

Judging softly with a song

Judges have shown a proclivity for quoting from verses of famous Bollywood and Hollywood songs. Sahir Ludhianvi and Bob Dylan are particular favorites of the Judges when they have to deal with the unpleasant in their everyday life.

Doctrine of salami slices: the Chinese playbook

We need to be vigilant and technologically empower the armed forces to deal with the inimical contingencies. Certainly, the doctrine of Salami Slices is expected to continue as a tried and tested mechanism with a high and coercive hegemonic content in the Chinese play book as a pan global phenomenon.

Sri Lanka under Emergency: Land of the Gods weeps

Nepotism, the creation of large circles of the family clan and giving them a free hand in accumulating wealth at the cost of deterioration of national wealth and economic stability, has been the main contributor to the mess in Sri Lanka perpetrated by the Rajapaksa brothers and their lust for money and power

Expansionist China traps the debt strapped

The growing dependence of India on China is hardly a matter of comfort to our country. Hemmed in, and its territory in Ladakh under Chinese control, India should try to get out of this grip

French defeat Marie Le Pen and xenophobia

“…People who don’t feel they’re being taken into consideration, who […]

50 years of Thick as a Brick: Is it still the best rock album ever?

The album, Thick as a Brick, is housed in a faux 12-page multi-paged folded newspaper titled The St. Cleve Chronicle & Linwell Advertiser (dated Friday, January 7, 1972). The newspaper is densely packed with references that bear upon the lyrics of the album. It was revolutionary idea, which paid off

Antonov: The mammoth Ukrainian dream that Russia bombed

Powered by six turbofan engines and with a wingspan almost the length of a football field, Antonov 225 Mriya could carry bigger and heavier cargo than any other plane.Russian forces bombed this giant aircraft during its recent war with Ukraine that they built in their precursor state, Soviet Union

Khela Hobe- The game is on!

Khela Hobe, she said. And the crowd roared back: Khela […]

Lata Mangeshkar: Her songs gave voice to emotions of her countrymen that speak in different languages

Lata Mangeshkar’s voice chronicled life’s journey and its vicissitudes in a manner few did. She sang songs in different languages that captured happiness, sadness, longing, valour and more. Her voice will live with us.