The flying Hercules might just miss the bus

Akhilesh Yadav has been getting rapturous crowds and is increasingly looking chief ministerial. The arithmetic of Yadavs, Muslims, farmers, caste-based organizations, disgruntled communities, and those who suffered during the pandemic, is enough to oust the discredited Yogi government. Opinion polls are backing this trend.

Why is North-east in ferment again?

Intro: In Tripura, things are turning from bad to worse. And, if the North-east starts simmering again, it will be difficult to reverse the situation. Therefore, it’s time to change the narrative, and without losing a moment.

Bangladesh fights to save its secular soul

Bangladesh society put up a stirring fight against the forces of darkness that tried to disturb peace and country’s secular character by hurting members of the minority community and demolishing Hindu temples.

When Rafi sang for Kishore Kumar

It is indeed strange when other singers have sung for highly popular actor-singers in Bombay cinema. So why did that happen?

Does an act of terror look any different?

Certainly, a terror attack it is. To terrorise and brutalise the farmers. And all those who dare to peacefully protest, demand their constitutional right to democratic spaces, and choose to exercise their option to dissent in a democracy. That is why, mere compensation or the lodging of an FIR won’t do. Justice has to be done — come what may!

Tax raid at Sonu Sood-Why for Rs.20 crore evasion? Need more zeros in crores.

In the context of tax raids in India, the bugle […]

Seeing Chambal Badlands from the prism of a sociologist and a journalist’s work

Revisiting the ravines of Chambal the birthplace of the most notorious dacoits India had ever seen from the perspective of RP Garg and Bishan Kapoor

Singing errors in tune- glaring mistakes in Indian film songs. Does it matter?

Some of the finest old songs in Bollywood had glaring errors which went noticed. Surely, these ‘mistakes’ are a precious memory of the past and constitute a delicious slice of film music of that era.

Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, UP elections and India’s foreign policy dilemmas

Will the Indian government save its huge investments in Afghanistan and not be reduced into a non-entity in the region? Or, will it only choose to use Taliban for its shallow ends in domestic politics, to win elections, and score brownie points by polarising on communal grounds through fake media narratives?

So why are they afraid of the media?

Till recently, governments were afraid to control the press. No longer. Now governments in their desperation to control the narrative just don’t want a free media.

“India has not even a single start-up which has global acceptance or usage”

Hardnews in conversation with Vitul Kwatra on the state of the Indian economy and the start up ecosystem.

Chabahar stares at irrelevance as Taliban surges ahead

The huge Chabahar Port project in Iran, meant to allow India to side-step Pakistan and take the land route to Afghanistan and Central Asia, seems like a dead investment now — a dream gone sour

A Shadow falls on the 2019 parliamentary polls

Was the earlier Israeli government under Benjamin Netanyahu complicit in this gargantuan surveillance scandal? And what was Israel offering its friends like India’s Narendra Modi?

The mirror shows the divine image

One of the predominant peculiarities of our modern media-mediated culture has been the uncontrolled celebration of the ‘accidents of reality’ at the risk of killing the ‘inner substance’ of humanity. The ‘silent power’ of Corona has changed all that.

Mukesh: The brown blues’ singer who touched many hearts

On his 98th birth anniversary we remember a singer who left an indelible imprint on the national consciousness by his charismatic voice