Modi’s grip on power slips with resounding personal defeat

The people of India have rejected Narendra Modi’s majoritarian Hindu politics. Even if Modi’s coalition returns him to power, his message has to change.

Election Results: Rage of the Dispossessed Overthrows BJP in UP and Beyond

The 2024 election results have signalled a demand for change and reform, with the INDIA bloc’s success challenging the BJP’s dominance. Despite crossing the 272-seat threshold, Prime Minister Modi faces a personal defeat that reflects the voters’ rejection of rhetoric and symbolic politics in favour of addressing real issues like unemployment and inflation.

How Delhi can meet its energy needs amid a sizzling summer

Securing cities from future heat effects requires a fictional reality which can become a future truth.

Chabahar Port Deal: India’s Strategic Gamble Amid US Sanctions

India’s ten-year agreement with Iran to develop the Chabahar port faces many obstacles. Once supported by the US, the deal now faces the threat of sanctions from the very same ally.

Polls will test Modi’s politics of Muslim exclusion

Aspiration of an inclusive India has been under threat in the Modi regime.

Female voters are a growing force and the parties know it

India’s politicians recognise the growing influence of women at the ballot box but their schemes to win their votes come with risks.

Is Hamas attack on Israel helping the BJP on the ground?

A month before the voters punched their preference in the […]

Delhi’s dilemma: a growing economy and growing unemployment

India is on its way to becoming the third-largest economy in the world, yet unemployment among young people with graduate degrees is at an all-time high.

Will regional parties stop the Modi juggernaut?

The battle for India is being fought in the states as the general election turns local

Red alert: How cinema helps the Modi myth

Cinematic fiction has become the convenient way of ‘correcting’ historical frictions, especially where facts are inconvenient

How big money finances Indian politics

The business elite funds political parties and elections in return for economic favours or for securing favourable policies for their industry

Climate change hardly a burning issue for Indian voters

The expectation for Indian politicians to ‘be with the people’ now encompasses standing with them through their lived experiences of climate change.

How India uses national interest as a smokescreen to muzzle the media

The Indian government is weaponising ‘national interest’ measures to close down reporting it deems critical of the Modi government.

India’s electronic voting machines have a trust problem

Criticism of EVMs is legitimate, but it shouldn’t overwhelm the devices’ potential to strengthen democracy

Free and fearless journalism in a fight for survival

Freedom of the press, a cornerstone of democracy, is under […]