Hardnews Turns a new leaf

It took us many months to achieve this, but here we are – a consolidated website that merges our old Hardnews magazine print edition and website containing our archives of writings of the last 15 years, along with  Hardnews Foreign Policy (HNFP). Now the merged website is backed by a formidable search engine that links the old with the new. Indeed, it allows the reader to go deep into various contemporary and long-term subjects/issues that keep returning as headlines from time to time.

The new website returns as www.hardnewsmedia.com.

Why did we need to merge the two media websites?

The reasons are quite obvious: the old website was of the print magazine, Hardnews, South Asian partner of le monde diplomatique of France, with its committed readership amidst the intelligentsia, academia, students, media, bureaucracy,  social activists, embassies and diplomats, among others; as for the moment we do not sell the hardcopy magazine in print, it became necessary to rebuild our online presence where the old comes together with the new.

All these years, our model was based on advertising and circulation, which could be challenged in the new, rather difficult, but interesting circumstances. We propose rely on native advertising and raising contributions from our old and faithful subscribers plus our new readers.

We will continue to work according to our strengths — in-depth, fearless, researched, independent writing and analysis. The finest minds writing for us within an open-ended, non-dogmatic framework. We have never pulled punches, whether it was the Congress-led UPA in power or the BJP’s NDA. Through our high quality writing we have asked difficult questions and searched for their answers through reporting, perspective pieces and analysis. It has not come easy for us as we have antagonized those in power. They have stopped our advertisement support or institutional sales of our magazine — but we have soldiered on.

We will continue to do these special articles and reports in the future that will help you see the world through the haze caused by the blitz of fake news, social media propaganda and PR-driven reports.

I hope you will spread the message in your ecosystem about the return of Hardnews and what it proposes to do. We will keep you updated about developments at our end on a regular basis.

To reiterate: Hardnews continues to be edited by its formidable Executive Editor, Amit Sengupta.

Sanjay Kapoor: Editor


New Delhi, India

Email: editors@hardnewsmedia.com