Mahatma Gandhi’s mind reveals both the individual and collective shaping of India’s mind. Why does Ram hold the place he does in the Indian psyche? Also, why is Krishna difficult for people?

Demolishing mosques to erase history or more?

On February 01, a Varanasi district court allowed Hindus to […]

Singing errors in tune- glaring mistakes in Indian film songs. Does it matter?

Some of the finest old songs in Bollywood had glaring errors which went noticed. Surely, these ‘mistakes’ are a precious memory of the past and constitute a delicious slice of film music of that era.

India and Egypt: Rebuilding old civilizational ties

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent trip to Egypt where he was conferred with nation’s highest honour, promises to re-establish old ties between two nations.

‘Each individual lives and experiences war differently’

The successful launch of her book on conflict zones has yet again focused the gaze on the trauma and violence of war-stressed conflict zones. And, yet, amidst the deepest despair, hope lurks. Amit Sengupta talks to author Meha Dixit.

50 years of Bangladesh: A musical birth of a violated nation

George Harrison, Ravi Shankar and many more musicians got together to highlight the violence that Bangladesh was subjected to by Pakistani forces

How Delhi can meet its energy needs amid a sizzling summer

Securing cities from future heat effects requires a fictional reality which can become a future truth.

Is India on the cusp of a nuclear energy renaissance?

Removing institutional bottlenecks will attract foreign and domestic participation in India’s nuclear energy programme.

Giving transport the spark it needs

By Suzannah Lyons, 360info Making the switch to more electric vehicles […]

Is Hamas attack on Israel helping the BJP on the ground?

A month before the voters punched their preference in the […]

A BRICS Challenge to the US and its Allies

The petition filed by the South African government against Israel […]

The IMEC link to Israel-Hamas escalations 

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the India-Middle-East, Europe Economic […]