A one-sided election risks Bangladesh’s future

By Ali Riaz, Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois, United States With […]

A staged election could result in political instability

Democracy is in peril in Bangladesh with elections widely perceived […]

Sri Lanka under Emergency: Land of the Gods weeps

Nepotism, the creation of large circles of the family clan and giving them a free hand in accumulating wealth at the cost of deterioration of national wealth and economic stability, has been the main contributor to the mess in Sri Lanka perpetrated by the Rajapaksa brothers and their lust for money and power

Why is North-east in ferment again?

Intro: In Tripura, things are turning from bad to worse. And, if the North-east starts simmering again, it will be difficult to reverse the situation. Therefore, it’s time to change the narrative, and without losing a moment.

Chabahar stares at irrelevance as Taliban surges ahead

The huge Chabahar Port project in Iran, meant to allow India to side-step Pakistan and take the land route to Afghanistan and Central Asia, seems like a dead investment now — a dream gone sour