Is India on the cusp of a nuclear energy renaissance?

Removing institutional bottlenecks will attract foreign and domestic participation in India’s nuclear energy programme.

Live-in lover law opens door to attacks on freedoms

Whimsical and capricious behaviour by public officials is not the sign of a democratic polity, but an absolutist one. The rule of law becomes the rule of the petty bureaucrat.

‘Angry, hopeless, depressed’ – Rohingya voices from Cox’s Bazar

The poor conditions at the world’s largest refugee camps have affected both the physical and mental health of the one million occupants.

How the Houthis have threatened the global shipping order

The Houthi attacks on ships may offer the region a chance to reinvent how it deals with supply chain disruptions.

Access to water is a crisis for the powerless

Fair access to water is an issue for millions of people in India. Who controls access and how this is governed needs fixing.

Unpaid work in the home across India

A pre-pandemic survey of time use in India showed that in both urban and rural areas, girls and women aged 6+ were several times more likely than boys and men to do care work and especially domestic work — and the ones who did spend several times as long doing it. These multiplying disparities mean domestic work takes up about 10 times as much of girls’ and women’s time.

Rigged or not, polls the only option for Pakistan

By Ayesha Jalal, Tufts University in Islamabad While there are allegations of […]

Beleaguered parties and strategic voters

By Shandana Khan Mohmand, University of Sussex in Brighton While more and […]

Electoral musical chairs makes a mockery of democracy

By Wajid Islam, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority […]

Imran casts a long shadow over polling day

By Umair Javed, Lahore University of Management Sciences in Lahore He may […]