How news gatherers can respond to social media challenge

Print and electronic media are coping admirably with the upheavals being wrought by social media.

How the ECI Contributed in Undermining Its Own Model Code of Conduct

Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar wanted to issue an advisory to the enforcement agencies to refrain from going after the opposition politicians after EC announced MCC, but he was overruled by his colleagues. Why?

The corporate takeover of India’s media

Press freedom in India has been badly hit by the gobbling up of media platforms by a few large companies.

The curious case of Google Trends in India

For nine of the last ten years, the most searches were for why Apple products and Evian water are so expensive.


Mahatma Gandhi’s mind reveals both the individual and collective shaping of India’s mind. Why does Ram hold the place he does in the Indian psyche? Also, why is Krishna difficult for people?