Why small farmers remain anxious about the monsoon

Irrigation facilities in several Indian states are inadequate increasing the dependence of farmers on the monsoon rains.

Why Indian cities flood during monsoon rains

To avoid floods, Indian cities need to engage in nuanced, localised and comprehensive planning and development decisions.

What I’ve learned from Noam Chomsky

As news of Noam Chomsky’s failing health makes the rounds, a journalist and peace activist from Pakistan shares some of her learnings from interactions with a trailblazing public intellectual whose moral compass has impacted the world

Modi’s grip on power slips with resounding personal defeat

The people of India have rejected Narendra Modi’s majoritarian Hindu politics. Even if Modi’s coalition returns him to power, his message has to change.

Election Results: Rage of the Dispossessed Overthrows BJP in UP and Beyond

The 2024 election results have signalled a demand for change and reform, with the INDIA bloc’s success challenging the BJP’s dominance. Despite crossing the 272-seat threshold, Prime Minister Modi faces a personal defeat that reflects the voters’ rejection of rhetoric and symbolic politics in favour of addressing real issues like unemployment and inflation.