Vikas Dubey: Somebody wanted him killed. Somebody with enough power

Beatrice Jauregui views on the recent ‘encounter’ with UP goon, Vikas Dubey, are very interesting, as she believes that the decision to kill him must have been taken at the very top — not by those who killed him.

Food During COVID: Less is More

Dr Rakhshanda Jalil is a translator, writer and literary historian. She has published over 25 books and written over 50 academic papers and essays

Why Pharma lobbies are against HCQ?

The success stories from India and elsewhere where an inexpensive HCQ was used to fight the virus were ignored and studies were faked to show how it killed people. Why?

Climbing the Covid peak: When governments have turned confidence tricksters

If renewed consumption is what the powers-that-be intend to achieve, they should know that dead humans can’t be consumers. Tricking people into believing that all is well will spell doom.

Faith and Disease: Understanding Behaviour During Lockdown

Can faith-based communities find a synthesis with modern science in the times of a pandemic?