Alok Bajpai

Mahatmas and Dictators: Fiddlers on the Roof

The fiddlers should also keep their eyes open because power deludes and absolute power deludes absolutely

To Die is to Be

All it takes is a virus that has created a cloud of uncertainty, the goals have disappeared and life has boiled down to survival. Enlightenment, if it means anything, is not the sudden light of a thousand suns, but the dark crevices in our minds filled with fear.

Life in the times of corona

Every century has seen tsunamis and calamities, but man-made disasters are a phenomenon of modern life and it is suicidal. The genie is out of the bag! Can we go back to a simpler life?

Why will Gandhi fail now?

MK Gandhi’s posters are everywhere in these turbulent, agitated times – in an India that seems more divided than 1947 – but are we worthy of him?