Sanjay Kapoor

Lok Sabha Elections 2024: Whose votes will really be counted?

Exploring the Depths of Electoral Integrity: The Battle Over EVMs and Voter Trust. Amidst increasing scrutiny, the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 face challenges from technological trust to the transparency of the voting process.

Pakistan’s Post Election Crisis: Rigged Polls, Economic Despair, and Indo-Pak Diplomacy

In the Wake of Controversial Elections, Pakistan Grapples with Democratic […]

A BRICS Challenge to the US and its Allies

The petition filed by the South African government against Israel […]

Misinformation is killing as many as the bombs in Gaza!

With every passing war, conflict or even elections, the power […]

The IMEC link to Israel-Hamas escalations 

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the India-Middle-East, Europe Economic […]

What is the politics behind IMEC corridor that is shaking up global alliances?

IMEC – Launching a geo-strategic chess game, the India-Middle East-Europe […]

Can India emerge unscathed after hosting G20 and SCo?

Hosting G20, and SC0 is a big challenge for India. Will US President Joe Biden participate in the summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin also around?

Fact checking or censorship?

If not withdrawn, new amendments to the Information Technology act, which are also called fake news laws could bring in new round of media censorship in the country.


With the Indian economy in dire straits amidst high inflation and unemployment, and with the impact of the Ukraine hitting the country with tangible intensity in the days to come, will the obfuscation of data help in winning the elections?

Indian silence on Chinese belligerence has a meaning

India has maintained its silence during the latest face-off between US and China, but is trying to explore a peace agreement with Beijing- its raids on Chinese telecom companies notwithstanding.