Sikkim power project dilemma: Should government pay Rs. 1000 crore compensation for nothing?

In Sikkim, three power projects were contracted to a Delhi based hydro power company. The projects were not completed, but an arbitration awarded the company Rs.1000 crore. What happened next?

“Clay cries out to the potter, ‘Why quash me with your feet?/A day will come when I shall trample you beneath!’ ”

Kabir’s couplets have travelled great distances from their original contexts. Over 500 odd years, several Kabirs have been grafted on to the persona of the low-caste weaver from somewhere near Benaras.

Breaking news or tainting republic?

So, who says in our ‘Republic’ journalism should be adversarial, ethical, objective and in public interest?

Peaceful protest is a right. Listen to the Farmers!

Editorial: Why the government has chosen an authoritarian line so brazenly backing the corporates against the farmers is not really an enigma.

Selling them for a song

The manner in which a Rajasthan’s Special Court rejected an […]

In Maldives democracy may have triumphed, but challenges stare the new government

In the Maldives, the verdict sprung by the people draws to a close the island nations flirtation with possible autocracy, but as Democracy returns it faces a complicated geopolitical equation that requires a tightrope walk

India can’t swear by ‘America First’

India is working for a larger purpose to survive in a world where no space is envisaged for the other by an “America First” President

Iran increases Oil production to 3 million barrels per day

Iran has the potential to increase oil production by 3 […]