Latin America

US set on regime change in Venezuela

Given the US failure to overthrow the Venezuelan leadership through rolling protests and people power, President Donald Trump has openly said that his administration doesn’t discard the military option to enact regime change

‘Stringent fines can go a long way in conserving environment’

Mariela Cruz is Costa Rica’s Ambassador to India who has been to this country 16 times before she took over as the envoy. A lawyer and an environmentalist by education and a yogini at heart, Cruz says despite being born in Costa Rica, she has always thought of India as home. She was hurled into the spotlight by the media last year when the air quality in Delhi went down in November and newspapers claimed that she went to Bangalore to escape the Delhi smog

‘Davos, Brazil is Back’

Brazil’s President talks about the country’s tumultuous journey in the wake of an economic crisis and charts the road ahead in the run up to the World Economic Forum scheduled to take place in Davos

Maduro’s Constituent Assembly versus the Opposition’s Plebiscite

Both sides feel the end of the political crisis lies […]

‘The Venezuelan factor,’ entrepreneurs adapt to nation in crisis

Andreina Aponte and Frank Jack Daniel A small group of […]