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A Coronavirus testing kit for Rs.199/- could make tests really cheap and fast

The lowest priced Rapid PCR test can deliver results within an hour in less than INR 200

Climbing the Covid peak: When governments have turned confidence tricksters

If renewed consumption is what the powers-that-be intend to achieve, they should know that dead humans can’t be consumers. Tricking people into believing that all is well will spell doom.

Reliance Jio- Facebook deal and its many meanings

The big Reliance Jio deal with Facebook and other US companies suggests how US capital is gaining control of cash starved Indian new digital companies

Corona: No dilution of basic rights

The global pandemic should not lead to legitimizing authoritarian tendencies among governments, as in China and Israel. This is especially relevant in contemporary India

Jamia Savaged: It’s time for Justice

The library video of police brutality is yet another sign of open injustice. Both Jamia and JNU want justice. And so do all the Shaheen Baghs of India.

Terror plot on Republic Day: Will the government tell the real story?

The arrest of a top cop in Kashmir in a terror plot along with terrorists opens a can of worms which can be traced to the hanging of Afzal Guru who was hanged to appease ‘the collective conscience of the nation’.

CAB/CAA: A Rebellion of the Young

The economy has tanked. A new sectarian bill consolidates BJP’s communal politics with Hindu Rashtra as its dream. And waves of protests spreads across the nation like fire amidst police brutality and State arrogance

Citizen Amendment Bill: institutionalising division

So why leave out the persecuted communities of Ahmediyas, Sufis, Shias in Pakistan, or the Tamils in Sri Lanka, and the Rohingyas in Myanmar?

Trending: I Stand With JNU

India should learn a lesson from the massive resistance struggles in Hong Kong, Chile, Lebanon and Iraq, where the entire spectrum of society, from shopkeepers to mothers and workers have joined hands with the young rebels.