Europe and the tremors of a Trump Presidency

With Trump in power the European Union could well be under an existential threat
Hardnews Bureau Delhi

CPEC and Gwadar Port: A new Security Strategic Paradigm

The opening of the Gwadar port has manifold implications for the geopolitics of the Indian subcontinent
Lt. Gen Rameshwar Yadav (Retd) Delhi

Chabahar: Key to sidestepping Pakistan

India needs to get its act together on Iran’s Chabahar Port
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi

Conflict of Interest. What’s that?

Donald Trump’s presidency could soon get ensnared in the several conflicts of interest that his vested interests could create
Hardnews Bureau Delhi

Lesson from History

Mehru Jaffer

Since Europe inspires us in so many different ways, it is only fair that we also take lessons from mistakes made in the past on the continent.

Donald Trump would be a foreign policy disaster

What is scarier than the effect that Trump would have on USA is the effect he will have on foreign policy. The future does not bode well
Hardnews Bureau Delhi

Augusto Montiel: ‘The US wants Venezuela to be its oil supplier’

In a conversation with Hardnews, the Venezuelan ambassador, Augusto Montiel, talks about the steep challenges that the South American nation faces 
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi

Donald Trump’s victory is a Revolt against Globalism

The vote for Donald Trump signals that the working classes are clamouring to reclaim their identities and eschew the displacement created by globalization
Marc Saxer Delhi

A New Oil War

Egypt and Saudi Arabia sever diplomatic ties over the conflagration in Syria
Shubhda Choudhary Delhi

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