Indo-Nepal: How to lose friends and influence

Hubris and lack of foresight are to blame for the estranged relationship between India and Nepal
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi 

Rojava revolution: How Deep is the Change?

Is optimism in the future of revolutionary change misplaced in a region torn apart by war and a society where patriarchy has been so entrenched?  Part 6 


Rojava revolution: On the Hoof

Rojava is a fast moving, dynamic place where things change by the minute. What are the material conditions which support this woman-centred revolution ? Part 5 of 50.50's series. Witnessing the revolution in Rojava, northern Syria.


Rojava revolution: Reshaping Masculinity

Rojava's battle with ISIS stronghold  Raqqa is not simply a military one, but an ideological one in which the position of women could not be more polarised. Part 4.


Rojava revolution: It’s raining women

In less than four years, the women’s umbrella organisation, Kongira Star, has set up an autonomous, grassroots, democratic structure which has resulted in shifting patriarchal mindsets and


Rojava’s commitment to Jineolojî: the science of women

This is the second in a series of articles by Rahila Gupta as she witnesses a revolution in Rojava.


No Country for Minorities

Sehyr Mirza Lahore

Red flag on Religious Freedom

Hardnews Bureau Delhi 

Media bus attacked in Rio, one journalist injured

Rivaldo’s warning rings true as brazen instances of criminal violence beset Rio amidst Olympics hoopla
Sandeep Kumar Delhi 

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