Malaysia to offer reward for missing Flight MH370

Malaysia said today it would pay a reward to any private company that found the fuselage of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, days after a fruitless, three-year hunt was suspended.

Trump's energy pick to face jobs, climate questions

Timothy Gardner Washington 

Persia Reawakens

Sanjay Kapoor

When Iranian President Hasan Rouhani began to speak at the media summit in Tehran where I was invited to speak, I pleasantly realized that I could get a drift of his speech.

Chabahar Port: Time to solve a vexing foreign policy conundrum

Any sloth in executing the Chabahar project will be a strategic mistake
Sanjay Kapoor Chabahar 

Bear Hug from Mediterranean to Indian Ocean

Russia has unveiled a new strategic paradigm    
Lt Gen Rameshwar Yadav Delhi


Obama warns action against Russia

The outgoing president threatens a retaliatory strike, but that may be unlikely given the little time he has left and Trump’s affinity for Putin
Hardnews Bureau Delhi

Liberating Aleppo

As pro-government forces recapture Aleppo from radical outfits, there is hope that some semblance of normalcy could return to the war-ravaged city. It is also an opportune moment to revisit the western narrative regarding the crisis
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi

KGB, Trump and lying about Lying

Donald Trump’s dismissal of the CIA assessment that the Russians interfered in the US elections is in sync with the post-Truth world that Trump has ushered in
Hardnews Bureau Delhi


Qalandia Refugee Camp, Palestine: Knocking on Death’s Door

A journey through a refugee camp in West Bank reveals the depth of suffering and alienation that the Israeli occupation has created
Shubhda Chaudhary

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