Amit Sengupta

French defeat Marie Le Pen and xenophobia

“…People who don’t feel they’re being taken into consideration, who […]

Khela Hobe- The game is on!

Khela Hobe, she said. And the crowd roared back: Khela […]

BJP implodes in Bengal, what is next?

Is it too early to say that, but just a month after its loss in the West Bengal assembly elections, BJP is showing signs of an impending implosion despite its manufactured hyperbole, money and muscle power and suggestion of invincibility.

‘Each individual lives and experiences war differently’

The successful launch of her book on conflict zones has yet again focused the gaze on the trauma and violence of war-stressed conflict zones. And, yet, amidst the deepest despair, hope lurks. Amit Sengupta talks to author Meha Dixit.

We are in the same boat brother!

Hardnews wishes all its readers a year of calm, courage and compassion. Let us not fear. Let us be brave and beautiful. Let us reach out to others in despair or joy.

One step back, two steps forward…

When it comes to taking on the BJP, the Left resurgence led by the CPI-ML (Liberation) in Bihar should teach a few hard lessons to an adamant and fragile CPM in West Bengal.

‘We need to have children of different abilities, cultures and social classes in a classroom’

The power of value-based quality education can transform society and highlights the teachers’ crucial role in nation-building

US Elections: Thank the Rainbow Coalition for Change. It’s here!

Capitalist America, in a serious crisis now, might change only to become the same in a sharply polarised and divided country. And, yet, the end of the supremacist and racist Trump era in the White House is a sign of hope

“Society can be very cruel”

The exodus and suffering of Indian migrant workers during pandemic. especially women, moved Spanish artist Isabelo Lleo to start making sculptures of this tragic migration

Hathras rape- collapse of our civilisational values

The rapes, the murders, the organised and diabolical process of suppressing and fudging facts, the brutality and injustice: this moment marks a hopeless abyss for India. Can the nation, facing the collapse of the justice system, redeem itself? Will the daughters of Hathras and Balrampur ever get justice?