Amit Sengupta

“Society can be very cruel”

The exodus and suffering of Indian migrant workers during pandemic. especially women, moved Spanish artist Isabelo Lleo to start making sculptures of this tragic migration

Hathras rape- collapse of our civilisational values

The rapes, the murders, the organised and diabolical process of suppressing and fudging facts, the brutality and injustice: this moment marks a hopeless abyss for India. Can the nation, facing the collapse of the justice system, redeem itself? Will the daughters of Hathras and Balrampur ever get justice?

Food During COVID: Less is More

Dr Rakhshanda Jalil is a translator, writer and literary historian. She has published over 25 books and written over 50 academic papers and essays

World after Pandemic: Bad Dream as bad faith

Is there an escape from the unfolding nightmare? How do we make sense of a world that looks no different from one? We must look to ideas all around us

There Were Three thousand Six Hundred and Fifty-three days

An exploration of the history of thought, this new series by Hardnews stitches together several texts to ask the reader to engage with the world around them

Police brutality in times of Coronavirus

In the evening of June 18, 2020, the police came to the mobile shop of P Jayaraj and his son Bennicks in Tuticorin and threatened them to shut the shop. They still had time before the curfew deadline.

Cyclone Amphan: Blown by the devil’s wind

The world should stand with India and Bangladesh. It’s time to rejuvenate, restore and resurrect. It’s time to heal.

Trust the artist to show a way forward, to imagine another world!

To me the bigger question is whether this recovery of art and culture will be led by Asia?

‘The government is counting money. We will soon be counting the dead.’

There is a strong demand for participatory democracy, social justice and a radically different economic policy, to support people and the planet, not profits.

Lockdown Mass Migration: The Mess Prime Minister Made

With millions of workers and the poor on the streets, the lockdown called by the PM has abjectly failed. All we can see is cruelty, inefficiency and insensitivity unsurpassed — in this case, all ‘Laxman Rekhas’ have been crossed. Is it the end of India as we have known?