Panchsheel shall guide India-China relations

Hardnews Bureau

At the BRICS summit, India and China met for the first time since Doklam, both countries reaffirm their commitment to peace

BRICS takes a stand against terrorism

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In the two day summit of the fastest, emerging economies in the world, all eyes are on economic cooperation and open borders
Hardnews Bureau Delhi 

Understanding The Drivers of Modi’s Pakistan Policy

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In his three years in office, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has tried different approaches with Pakistan
Aryaman Bhatnagar Delhi

Doklam standoff: What follows thereafter?

Sanjay Kapoor

The end of the two-month-long standoff between India and China leaves several questions in its wake: who succeeded over whom, why did India pull its troops back and what happens next
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi 

Ending face-off; India and China agree to ‘disengagement’ at Doklam

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The decision to disengage in the Doklam conflict is certainly India’s win over a bullying neighbour. However, it could be a ploy for another Chinese move in future
Hardnews Bureau Delhi

Exclusive: Towards a world free of Nuclear Weapons

The International community at the UN voted for independence from nuclear weapons on July 7 with an overwhelming majority. A month after the decision was taken, Brazil’s Foreign Minister Aloysio Nunes Ferreira weighs in on the various aspects of the treaty and its significance in the fight to abolish nuclear weapons 

Barcelona terror attack kills 13

Hardnews Bureau

The police are treating the incident as a multiple planned terrorist attack
Hardnews Bureau Delhi 

How China’s delivery entices Nepal

At no other time in the past were so many Nepalis so strongly anti-India and in favour of deeper engagement with China
Subindra Bogati Kathmandu 

China dare not invade India, Nepal views Doklam

Abeer Kapoor

Nepalese still have harrowing memories of the damage that the 1962 war between China and India caused them. They do not want the Doklam stand-off to spin out of control
Abeer Kapoor Delhi

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