Ajay Mankotia

When Rafi sang for Kishore Kumar

It is indeed strange when other singers have sung for highly popular actor-singers in Bombay cinema. So why did that happen?

Tax raid at Sonu Sood-Why for Rs.20 crore evasion? Need more zeros in crores.

In the context of tax raids in India, the bugle […]

Singing errors in tune- glaring mistakes in Indian film songs. Does it matter?

Some of the finest old songs in Bollywood had glaring errors which went noticed. Surely, these ‘mistakes’ are a precious memory of the past and constitute a delicious slice of film music of that era.

Mukesh: The brown blues’ singer who touched many hearts

On his 98th birth anniversary we remember a singer who left an indelible imprint on the national consciousness by his charismatic voice

Boy-man Biggles and our childhood memories

One of the most memorable characters of English children fiction, Biggles, would have been 122 years old in May this year. Introduced by his author, Captain W E Johns, in 1932, a boy-man, Biggles was a flier, an adventurer and every thing a boy would dream of in the post World War world

50 years of Bangladesh: A musical birth of a violated nation

George Harrison, Ravi Shankar and many more musicians got together to highlight the violence that Bangladesh was subjected to by Pakistani forces


Of course, we lost some issues in appeal, we won some, but that is normal in the tax eco-system. The point is we made a sincere effort to penalize a wrongdoing so that it would act as a deterrence in the future.

Landlord’s dilemma

Most of the owners realize the dire circumstances of the tenants. Many are on good terms with them. Most do not want to precipitate any action for no fault of the tenant. So, what do they do?