Ajay Mankotia

50 years of Thick as a Brick: Is it still the best rock album ever?

The album, Thick as a Brick, is housed in a faux 12-page multi-paged folded newspaper titled The St. Cleve Chronicle & Linwell Advertiser (dated Friday, January 7, 1972). The newspaper is densely packed with references that bear upon the lyrics of the album. It was revolutionary idea, which paid off

Antonov: The mammoth Ukrainian dream that Russia bombed

Powered by six turbofan engines and with a wingspan almost the length of a football field, Antonov 225 Mriya could carry bigger and heavier cargo than any other plane.Russian forces bombed this giant aircraft during its recent war with Ukraine that they built in their precursor state, Soviet Union

Lata Mangeshkar: Her songs gave voice to emotions of her countrymen that speak in different languages

Lata Mangeshkar’s voice chronicled life’s journey and its vicissitudes in a manner few did. She sang songs in different languages that captured happiness, sadness, longing, valour and more. Her voice will live with us.

Republic Day Parade: Flying in a formation to weave past with the future

75 aircraft to celebrate 75th year of our independence will include Rafales amongst 39 fighters, 28 helicopters and 8 transport aircraft will fly at the Republic Day Parade to show that the nation’s armed forces are ready to face any challenge from our enemies.

The very unforgettable Kundan Lal Sehgal

Kundan Lal Saigal’s deep, melodious, pitch perfect voice mesmerized an entire generation of South Asians. His modest oeuvre comprising of ghazals, film songs, bhajans and Rabindra sangeet was enough to declare him as the greatest singer of 20th century


The writer remembers his father Group Captain VC Mankotia, flying a transport plane turned into a bomber, the valiant Armed Forces fighters, who staked their lives in the Bangladesh Liberation War. Flying down the memory lane and a heartfelt tribute on its 50 th anniversary.

When Rafi sang for Kishore Kumar

It is indeed strange when other singers have sung for highly popular actor-singers in Bombay cinema. So why did that happen?

Tax raid at Sonu Sood-Why for Rs.20 crore evasion? Need more zeros in crores.

In the context of tax raids in India, the bugle […]

Singing errors in tune- glaring mistakes in Indian film songs. Does it matter?

Some of the finest old songs in Bollywood had glaring errors which went noticed. Surely, these ‘mistakes’ are a precious memory of the past and constitute a delicious slice of film music of that era.

Mukesh: The brown blues’ singer who touched many hearts

On his 98th birth anniversary we remember a singer who left an indelible imprint on the national consciousness by his charismatic voice