Ratna Raman

Delicacies of a 56 inch democracy 

The street food at Indore’s Sarafa speaks of the mingling of communities as it dispenses warmth and radiates light; it remains a moment of hope and magic, in the dark night of democracy.

Delhi University: Obliterate Reason, Dismember Learning

Teachers, clueless about the curriculum and forbidden from framing it, cannot morph into beacons of learning. A vicious hell has been allowed to break loose, and this is pretty much what has been happening in Delhi University in contemporary times.

365 days and after: A homeland for a poem!

Could the book have retained the original untranslated poems in the English/Devanagari script, thereby providing access to magical new sounds, enchanting its readers with medleys of rhythms, allowing them to connect to the near and yet oft-neglected polyphonies of familiar Indian life?

Doris Lessing: The Grass is Still Singing

Her hundredth anniversary is a great opportunity to look at Lessing’s writing and take stock of her immense contribution to the world of ideas

Being Black in America

In the white world, black is still not beautiful. However, Toni Morrison’s engagement as a writer was primarily about ‘how to rip that veil drawn over proceedings too terrible to relate’.

Aren’t you supposed to behave like a woman?

Rakhshanda Jalil painstakingly examines an older heritage and history that must remain a reference point to end the deep polarisation between communities that is the reality of everyday life in India today.