Climate change hardly a burning issue for Indian voters

The expectation for Indian politicians to ‘be with the people’ now encompasses standing with them through their lived experiences of climate change.

India’s electronic voting machines have a trust problem

Criticism of EVMs is legitimate, but it shouldn’t overwhelm the devices’ potential to strengthen democracy

How the ECI Contributed in Undermining Its Own Model Code of Conduct

Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar wanted to issue an advisory to the enforcement agencies to refrain from going after the opposition politicians after EC announced MCC, but he was overruled by his colleagues. Why?

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Exploring the Depths of Electoral Integrity: The Battle Over EVMs and Voter Trust. Amidst increasing scrutiny, the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 face challenges from technological trust to the transparency of the voting process.

Electoral Bonds: Beyond the Verdict, the Fight for Free and Fair Elections is Far From Over

The Supreme Court’s landmark verdict on electoral bonds, marks a critical step towards transparency in political funding. Despite its limited impact on the imminent elections, it lays a crucial foundation for future reforms but the battle for complete transparency and accountability in electoral finance, however, is far from over.