Foreign Policy

Doctrine of salami slices: the Chinese playbook

We need to be vigilant and technologically empower the armed forces to deal with the inimical contingencies. Certainly, the doctrine of Salami Slices is expected to continue as a tried and tested mechanism with a high and coercive hegemonic content in the Chinese play book as a pan global phenomenon.

Nepal’s Onion Woes

A sharp rise in onion prices in India makes them […]

The Quad Squad

While the Quad grouping proposed to counter China’s regional and global influence has immense possibilities, it is important that India, Japan and Australia do not depend upon the ‘unpredictable’ US excessively

What Should Qatar Do?

Behind the isolation of Qatar lies the complicated game of […]

Trump takes up North Korea threat with China, Japan leaders

As Pyongyang works to develop a nuclear-tipped missile capable of […]