Japan’s Bullet Train Troubles with India

One trillion rupee Bullet train project is a causing disquiet in Japan due to costs overrun and Indian government’s haphazard policies claims a Japanese magazine

India, Japan discuss quake safety

Climate change has further aggravated the disaster risk, he said, adding “Therefore, disaster risk management can no longer remain isolated from the overall strategy of sustainable development.”

Japan open doors for Indian IT professionals

“The Japanese Government will be issuing Green Cards for highly skilled professionals, the first of its kind in the world thereby providing people to get permanent resident status in as short as one year. This is one of the fastest granted right of residence in the world.”

Asia-Pacific trade deal signed by 11 nations

In short, the biggest winners are expected to be in Asia, while the wealthier countries, on balance, are not expected to receive as much of a boost.

Who’s Afraid of China

As far as the geo-economics of OBOR are concerned, as many as 60 countries will be connected to China through a network of roads, highways, railways, pipelines, fibre optics and grids.

India visit may help Netanyahu boost ties with B’desh, Japan: Analysts

Israel also has modern technology, agriculture, etc. that is of pivotal importance to a poor country like Bangladesh.

Trump’s Muddled North Korean Policy

Washington is increasingly conveying mixed signals regarding how it wants […]

N Korea fires Scud-class ballistic missile, Japan protests

In the face of growing provocation from North Korea, the […]