Maldives crisis

Maldives to lift state of emergency, charge ex-president, chief justice with bribery

Under the emergency, Yameen’s administration arrested former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, the chief justice, another Supreme Court judge, and a Supreme Court administrator on allegations of attempting to overthrow the government.

Maldives opposition protesters arrested after top court validates emergency rule

Yameen’s government has so far ignored international calls to lift the state of emergency, first declared on February, 5 for 15 days, and release opposition leaders from jail

‘Maldives is a failed state where no institution is working’

President Yameen’s financial fortunes have improved remarkably since he came to power. He has had no sources of funds or resources.

‘Parliamentary democracy smothered in Maldives’

India is our closest neighbour and has always been ready to come to our help in times of crisis, then why are we playing these games. My party is extremely concerned about the haphazard manner in which Maldives’ foreign policy is being pursued.

‘Maldives is a failed state where no institution is working’

In the Maldives, the President manipulated laws to centrally control everything. Now one man is controlling the Parliament and judiciary.