Pakistan’s Post Election Crisis: Rigged Polls, Economic Despair, and Indo-Pak Diplomacy

In the Wake of Controversial Elections, Pakistan Grapples with Democratic […]

Rigged or not, polls the only option for Pakistan

By Ayesha Jalal, Tufts University in Islamabad While there are allegations of […]

Beleaguered parties and strategic voters

By Shandana Khan Mohmand, University of Sussex in Brighton While more and […]

Electoral musical chairs makes a mockery of democracy

By Wajid Islam, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority […]

Imran casts a long shadow over polling day

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Pakistan readies itself for an orchestrated election

The Pakistan Army manipulates the election process to get a […]

Pakistan, where democracy wears an army uniform

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Expansionist China traps the debt strapped

The growing dependence of India on China is hardly a matter of comfort to our country. Hemmed in, and its territory in Ladakh under Chinese control, India should try to get out of this grip

Chabahar stares at irrelevance as Taliban surges ahead

The huge Chabahar Port project in Iran, meant to allow India to side-step Pakistan and take the land route to Afghanistan and Central Asia, seems like a dead investment now — a dream gone sour

Shia Crescent and the Rise of Taliban

With India clueless and dazed, its future in Afghanistan is getting grimmer with China, Pakistan, Russia and Iran on the same page, and its ally, the US, solely interested in getting out of there, at least as of now.