Caste, communalism and coup

Jawed Naqvi, Delhi,

Pakistan: raising hopes

Due to the long march and the ensuing chaos, there were fears expressed by the strategic establishment in India that the probe into Mumbai might lose its way


Pakistan’s reluctant admission on Mumbai terror - is it a Holbrooke gambit?

US Presidential envoy, Richard C Holbrooke's visit to India comes immediately after the Pakistan's interior minister Rehman Malik owned up that the terrorists were indeed nationals from his country. The big question is will Pakistan's admission on terror help in building the credibility of Holbrooke with the suspicious Indian establishment?

BRICS takes a stand against terrorism

Hardnews Bureau

In the two day summit of the fastest, emerging economies in the world, all eyes are on economic cooperation and open borders
Hardnews Bureau Delhi 

Understanding The Drivers of Modi’s Pakistan Policy

Hardnews Bureau

In his three years in office, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has tried different approaches with Pakistan
Aryaman Bhatnagar Delhi

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